Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saag Curry With Tomato and Peppers

Saag Curry With Tomato and Peppers

on October 14, 2010
Recipe #439423

A delicious, quick and easy vegetarian (vegan friendly) curry, that can easily be adapted depending on what you have left over in your fridge/cupboard. In this version I used chopped carrots as we had some in but this can be replaced with other veg just as easily.

Serving Size: 1 (157 g)

Servings Per Recipe: 4

Amount Per Serving% Daily ValueCalories 80.1 Calories from Fat 3544%Total Fat 3.9 g6%Saturated Fat 0.5 g2%Monounsaturated Fat 1.7 g8%Polyunsaturated Fat 1.4 g7%Trans Fat 0.0 g0%Cholesterol 0.0 mg0%Sodium 82.5 mg3%Potassium 453.5 mg12%Magnesium 39.0 mg1%Total Carbohydrate 10.7 g3%Dietary Fiber 3.1 g12%Sugars 4.2 g16%Protein 2.1 g4%

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