Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beef mince

The quality of beef mince that you use can make all the difference to a finished dish. Food editor Kim Coverdale shares her tips.

Beef mince from supermarkets and butchers is priced according to its fat content - the leaner it is, the more expensive. Check packaging or ask your butcher for the fat content. Based on the amount of fat (from most to least), Woolworths sell regular, premium and heart-smart mince, while Coles have 3-star regular, 4-star choice and 5-star extra-trim mince.

Freezing and thawing You can freeze raw mince for up to 3 months. Freeze flattened in a snap-lock bag for even thawing. Thaw overnight in the fridge (away from ready-to-eat foods). Only thaw mince in the microwave if cooking immediately. Never refreeze thawed mince without cooking it first.

Super Food Ideas - March 2009, Page 12

Kim Coverdale

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