Thursday, April 7, 2011

What To Order In A Mexican Restaurant

If you tend to order the same items every time you visit a restaurant, you are really missing out! Some south of the border style eateries only offer the basics so if your local restaurant only has fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and burritos you would probably be better off finding a more traditional establishment or cooking your own authentic Mexican food recipes at home.

This cuisine blends the exotic with the simple, the spicy with the mild, and the nutritious with the flavorful. Millions of people love this exciting cuisine and you can find Mexican restaurants all over the globe, although they vary hugely in quality and authenticity.

You might find traditional dishes on the menu or it might be food which has been tailored to suit the western palate. A lot of the local food is very spicy, which is why some establishments tone down the piquant flavors. It is still worth trying some of the spicy dishes though, if your taste buds can bear it, just for the experience.

Because many people are unaware of the difference between Tex-Mex food and Mexican food (and in fact between junk food and traditional dishes), this cuisine is widely misunderstood. So what exactly should you hope to find on a good menu and what should you order?
Some Tasty Ideas

The menu will probably be based on meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes. There might also be soups and salads. Burritos feature on most Mexican restaurant menus and this meat, bean and vegetable mixture is tasty. You can order a fajita burrito if you want green bell pepper and onion instead of beans or a burrito bowl if you do not want a tortilla.

Try a side of pico de gallo if you like salsa. This is like a chunky salsa recipe and it is typically Mexican. You can usually get sour cream, shredded lettuce, and shredded cheese at no extra cost at Mexican eateries.

If you are familiar with burritos, fajitas and the usual dishes people order, why not try something different? Look out for chicken or turkey in mole sauce. Mole sauce is a mouthwatering savory chocolate sauce with a typical south of the border flavor.

Maybe you fancy a typical stew or soup recipe or even a layered salad. Trying new meals means you might stumble upon something amazing that you otherwise would not have found. You can ask the server for his or her recommendations and you might find out this way about some of the more unusual meals that you can choose from.

Secret Menu Items

Did you know that a lot of Latin restaurants in New York have "secret" items which are not listed on the menus? These are available by request and they are mainly to distinguish regular visitors from tourists.

These secret items might be special salads or taco fillings or they might be different sauces from what is listed on the menu. It is worth becoming a regular, once you find a good restaurant, so you can try different authentic Mexican food recipes each time you visit.

There is something for everyone with Mexican recipes because this cuisine is so varied. Eating out can be expensive though so the best way to sample plenty of delicious authentic Mexican recipes is to make your own at home. When it has to be Real Authentic Mexican Food


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