Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegetarian Delights at Raw Food Restaurants

Raw food restaurants are being seen in more and more locales all across the United States and other countries as well, and as a result vegetarians are very happy to have more choices. This increase in restaurants that feature such foods is just a part of the living food movement that is flourishing and which is bringing some new ideas in taste, color and texture to American restaurant goers.

Those who live the raw vegetarian or raw vegan lifestyle are quite familiar with the tastes and textures of a raw food diet, yet most average folks are uninitiated to this aspect until they encounter such a food restaurant and sit down to partake in eating this type of food. This trend started just a few years ago and is catching on and growing significantly.

While some people might immediately think of small, homey, hole-in-the-wall joints when they first hear someone mention such food restaurants, that is no longer an accurate description of many of these eateries. Instead, with the raw food movement finding favor with people from all walks of life and attracting celebrity enthusiasts, you are just as likely to find the raw food restaurant nearest you to be an upscale, trendy eatery offering the haute cuisine of living foods.

Even many famous and well-known traditional chefs are seeking out the gourmet offerings at their local raw food restaurant in order to learn about the living raw cuisine. As they observe the chef and sneak some peeks at a recipe or two, these classic chefs are discovering a whole new way of presenting and preparing such a food in ways that offer a surprising array of diverse, visually pleasing and delightful taste sensations.

More and more often, these restaurants that offer raw foods are sprouting up and enjoying increased visibility in strip malls, in upscale neighborhoods, in renovated houses in up and coming areas, along major thoroughfares, and even in prime stand-alone locations. In fact, in many instances from the exterior, such a food restaurant may appear to be just another inviting cafe or diner that is designed to make people feel warm and welcomed.

Since raw food recipes are prepared and created without using the conventional cooking methods common to traditional restaurants, you will discover that the kitchens are quite different in appearance and function. You won't find an oven or stove top in sight, or a bank of microwave ovens. In fact, you won't even find something as simple and mundane as a can opener.

What you will find in the kitchens are various appliances such as food processors, various types of juicers, high-powered blenders and dehydration units. This is all that is needed for raw food cooking and preparing a menu filled with living food meals.

People who engage in the living raw lifestyle primarily eat fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and sprouts. Many say they feel better, more energetic and enjoy better health overall by following such a food diet and some even report that illness and disease has been reversed. Since all of these benefits are avidly being sought out by many, including the baby boomer generation, it is likely that more raw food restaurants will be seen in greater numbers.

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