Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Most Popular Restaurant Copycat Recipes

Restaurant copycat recipes are gaining popularity all the time. As more and more people opt to cook meals at home instead of spending their dollars on restaurant food, there is a lot more demand for great recipes. Free restaurant copycat recipes are especially sought after because they mean you can cook your absolute favorite dishes at home, for a fraction of the price you would pay for them in the restaurant.

Some of the most popular copycat recipes are chicken recipes, especially fried chicken recipes. Perhaps you love Kentucky Fried Chicken recipes and you want to know how to give your chicken the same enticing aroma, crispy texture and delicious flavor

Copycat Recipes Versus New Recipes

There is a time and a place for using clone recipes or copycat recipes. Maybe you want to impress or surprise your family with a copycat dish or perhaps you have a craving for one of your favorite restaurant dinners and you just have to have but preferably without paying the restaurant price tag.

At other times it is nice to make different recipes because it is enjoyable to experience new meals and flavors, rather than eating something that you are familiar with.

Easy Copycats

Beverage recipes like Starbucks copycats are also popular and people love to make their favorite takeout food and fast food dishes at home and then marvel at how similar the taste is.

A lot of copycat recipes are much easier to make than you might think. The busy chefs and cooks in your favorite restaurants do not want to spend hours making complicated dishes and neither should you.

Easy restaurant copycat recipes mean you can make the best quality food for your family much more cheaply than what you would normally have to pay for the same dishes and you have complete control over the ingredients and side dishes.

Recipe for Cavatini in the Style of Pizza Hut

The following easy copycat is for Pizza Hut Cavatini and this combination of pasta, steak, tomatoes, grape jelly and more tastes just like the original Cavatini recipe. This is just one example of how easy it is to make restaurant copycat recipes.

What you will need:

1/2 cup grape jelly
2 lbs ground round
4 cups pasta
28 oz sliced, stewed tomatoes
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
16 oz jar spaghetti sauce, meat flavor
6 oz V8 juice
1 1/2 packages onion soup mix
Provolone and mozzarella slices

How to make it:

Fry the ground round in the vegetable oil until it is totally brown, crumbling it using a fork. Turn the heat down to low then add the grape jelly, stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, V8 juice and onion soup mix, stirring to mix everything together well.

Let the sauce cook for twenty minutes without boiling. Cook the pasta to al dente. Fill six au gratin dishes with alternating layers of sauce, pasta and cheese.

Restaurant copycat recipes mean you can make your favorite dishes in the comfort of your own home and without spending a fortune. The best copycat recipes mean that you and your family can enjoy your favorite dishes without having to go to restaurants every time you get a craving for your favorite fried chicken recipe. When it has to be Real Fried Chicken

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